All-Time Favourite Cuisines

Let’s give you a list of cuisine you must try during your stay. Kazakhs are meat eaters since the beginning of time. Nomads love to hunt and cook for their family afterwards. You probably haven’t tasted the difference between frozen and fresh meat, if that so, you’re in for a treat. Kazakhs also love starch. During the old times, Kazakhs were very active so they turned to wheat and potatoes for energy. Enough of the introduction let’s get into details.


If you are into ramen, we are sure that you will love this dish. This dish is a meal you’ll ever need because it is so satisfying. Laghman is quite common in cafes and restaurants with voucher codes. It is made of meaty broth, fresh tomatoes, thick noodles, and spices.


This dish is an all-time favourite. If the people offered you this food for free or with special discounts, that means they like you. Kazakhs usually devour this dish with their closest family and friends. Be prepared to eat with your hands instead of using utensils. Beshbarmak is made of square-cut pasta topped with tender horsemeat or lamb meat and big cuts of onions.


Samsa is the Kazakhs’ version of a hamburger. It is unexpectedly fulfilling for a piece of bread. So, make sure that you have enough room for food. Samsa is a triangle shaped bread filled with meat. Children would take a piece of bread to school to keep them full. Samsa is a very important dish of Kazakhs you should try.

Get ready for Surprising Drinks

Kazakhs have a taste for milk. They don’t usually drink cow’s milk. They prefer to drink horse and camel’s milk. Kumys is a fermented mare’s milk with alcohol. This drink is very common in celebrations and even on ordinary days. Kazakhs believe that the milk came from these hardworking animals provide wonderful health benefits. It may sound peculiar but these drinks are worth a try.

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