Kazakhs flag is an epitome of simplicity yet full of nuance. The flag represents its people and their beliefs. You’ll learn about their wisdom and culture. The blue background of their flag which is the dominant colour symbolizes peace. Blue denotes freedom from any bandage of the world. Kazakhs are contented with their cheap clothing and are not fans of online shops like Lazada and Zalora. They are contented with the simple pleasures of life such as food, nature, and warmth of their family.

The Sun

Kazakhs give thanks to the sun for grains and plants which are the main source of their food. The 32 rays represent grains which denote hope and abundance. Many people argue about the sad story of the short rays. They even wrote books you can get from online shops voucher codes about this topic. But experts agreed that the rays of the sun found in their flag are based on hope and gratefulness. Kazakhs gratefulness to nature is heartfelt and they want to show their gratitude by including a sun in their flag as it shines above all.

The Eagle

Kazakhs have been through a lot. The eagle represents resilience and astuteness. For some, they view the eagle as a symbol of independence and freedom. The eagle in their flag is flying near the sun, that looks like it is protecting it. This is also one of the ways how Kazakhs show that they will protect their land, nature, and all the creatures being shine upon by the sun. The eagle may denote bravery and nationalism which are the traits Kazakhs are known for.

The Ornament

The ornament represents their beliefs and culture. Majority of Kazakhs are Muslims. The ornament is similar to Islamic art but it holds more meaning aside from religion. The ornament symbolizes Kazakhs traditions and values. The yellow colour of the ornament symbolizes gold which means they give value to their traditions and culture. The colour also emphasizes that it should be treated with respect and value at all times.




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