Kazakhs and their Culture

The culture of Kazakhs is very rich. They are known for being free. Following their calling and letting their feet to take them to the most daring places, are the traits that we people of the city may have not experienced. They may lack material things but they are rich in experiences full of bravery and adventures.

Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages are still common in this country. Parents believe that marriage should be peaceful and in harmony of all the people involved. So parents are involved in the matchmaking of their children. The wisdom of the elderly is the guide of Kazakhs up to this day. The children are expected to follow the choosing of their parents without hesitation. There are many downsides of arranged marriages but for Kazakhs, marriage is a divine concept where it has to be taken with solemness and wisdom.

Patricentric Family

The father plays a stronger role compared to the mother. Back in time, all the males would have to go into battles to protect the women and children. In return, women pay respect to their husband by honouring them with submissiveness. The couples here are very different compared to the couples you’ll see in Amsterdam city trip. In western countries, women and men share equal responsibilities to their family. The ceiling of patriarchy has been broken in most countries but for Kazakhs, men should be the authority. It is their job to protect and discipline the members of their home.

Customs and Etiquette

Kazakhs are very polite people. They show respect to the elderly and act accordingly wherever they are. Kazakhs are not fond of borrowing money because they are used to the frugal living that their ancestors taught them. Most Kazakhs don’t own I Amsterdam card but they never lack on the things they need like food, clothing, and shelter. They are also warm people. They treat their visitors with kindness and special treatment. Kazakhs are great people with a big heart. Knowing them truly is the only way to appreciate their rich culture and to truly understand who they are.

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