About Us

Reviving Altynsarin’s Tourism

We are a community of travellers who are aiming to revive the tourism of Altynsarin. We saw that tourism will help the livelihood of the families in the district. We have raised fund-raising activities in the past which aid to the education of many children in the district. But we found that we need a sustainable economy for these families to really thrive. We realized that the fund-raising activities we conducted were just band aid solution to the issue.

The Heart of Our Organization is the People

Our organization started out of pure love for the people. We used our own money and resources in helping out the people in Altynsarin. With just the five members of our organization, we’re able to create programs including this website. It was a rocky start as we had to buy traffic for website just to get our message across. But all the sacrifices and hard work were all worth it every time we see the smiles of the people in the district.

How we can make your visit hassle-free and smooth?

We are travellers by heart. We’ve been into many places but we found our soul in Altynsarin. With our knowledge of travelling and the norms in Kazakhstan, we can arrange your travel. We know the best hostels who will treat your right, car rentals, and best places you shouldn’t miss in Altynsarin district. If you think there’s more you want to see, you got the best travel buddies right here.

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