Untainted Natural Beauty of Altynsarin District


Untainted Natural Beauty of Altynsarin District

There are few places in the world which haven’t touch by modernization. This number is continuously decreasing over time. People have to live in a world where nature is rather a decoration instead of being a dominant force. But Altynsarin managed to preserve nature in its sterling state. Nature here is like fresh air without the pollution of modernization. The mountains gloriously stand every day with all the trees dressing their nakedness. The birds fly with freedom without the fear of getting caught. The rivers flow with grace providing the people and animals clean water to satisfy their thirst. This is the untainted natural beauty of Altnsarin district. A natural beauty that most of our children will no longer behold and understand. A sad reality that we must all face. But cheer up because it’s not too late. Altynsarin is still here to help us remember how things used to be.

A Humble District of Kostanay Region

Altynsarin is not the most famous district but it got big things to show. Altynsarin was named after one of the most respected educators in Kazakhstan, Ybyrai (Ibrahim) Altynsarin. He was one of the first educators who changed the belief of Kazakh about education. His name is still in the hearts of the people of the district. Many website visitors might not understand why he is so important. But without him, Kazakhs might be sticking to their old ways. He radically changed their perception about education. The people learned to be open and accept that the world is changing around them. Education gave them hope and wisdom. They learned that they have rights they can fight for, regardless of how difficult.

Exotic Travel Experience

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA8pxXBXq88If you are a nomad at heart, you may find Altynsarin exotic beauty enticing. Altynsarin is a perfect place for people who love to hike and experience nature actively. The diversity of nature here is amazing. You can explore Altynsarin as if you are Madame Tussaud looking for an inspiration to create your very own masterpiece. Altynsarin is so beautiful that you’ll forget what it’s like to live in the city. You’ll ask yourself if you ever wanted to come back to the crazy life that the city offers.

Welcome to Kazakhstan

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Welcoming People

The people here are the friendliest. You may know so little about them because the internet rarely talks about them. But experience their friendliness first-hand and you’ll think that you are part of their family. We’ll discuss more about the people of Altynsarin district, their tradition, beliefs, and their favourites. If you are planning to go here, you don’t really have to wear a mask and pretend to be someone else. All you need to be is a respectful person. The people here will understand the difference of your culture and won’t judge you. They will even respect you for who you are, just don’t disrespect their tradition and beliefs. And we’ll promise you that you will get along just fine.

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